Meaningful Hinduism
How different is 'HE'
We are very much familiar about the Lord and HIS various Avatars. Speaking of Avatars, even though the most popular 10 are the ones that we come to know, , the sastras speak of innumerable avatars of the Lord apart from the famous 10... more
Significance of betel leaf
Sameer writes that the betel leaf, that is part and parcel of any puja or auspicious occasion in a Hindu’s life has a spiritual significance as well as a variety of health benefits... more
Significance of Braahmi Muhurtham
There is one muhurtam which is a constant for all the days of the week and any task can be started on any day in that muhurtam – that is called the Braahmi Muhurtam... more
So many gods!
Sameer quotes from the book of a Western scholar to help Hindus and non-Hindus understand the concept behind worshipping so many gods and goddesses in daily life... more
Common myths about Hinduism
Sameer says that there are a number of myths surrounding Hinduism, which name by itself does not correctly describe the way of life of a Hindu, and is more than a religion... more
Pradakshinaa, saashtaanga namaskaaram
Continuing his insightful articles on Meaningful Hinduism, Sameer says there are scientific and spiritual reasons for a Hindu performing these two acts... more
Idol worship among Hindus
Sameer puts in perspective the need for a Hindu to stand in front of an idol and say his prayers even though he might have his eye tightly shut during the act... more
Namaste – more than a greeting
‘Namaste’, ‘Namaskar’ or ‘Namaskaram’ is the traditional way in which Indians greet each other but it also has a deep spiritual significance attached to it, writes Sameer... more
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