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Vaikunta Ekadashi
Vaikunta Ekadashi, which is also known as Mokshada Ekadashi and Mukkoti Ekadashi, occurs during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the moon) of Margashira month... more
Skanda Sashti
The six-day festival revolves around the birth, growth, decimation of a demon and marriage of Lord Muruga and is observed with great piety by a large number of Tamils all over the world... more
Observing Pitru Paksh
Pitru Paksha, observed to honour our departed ancestors, starts on September 24 for people in all countries except the Americas where it starts on September 23 and ends Oct 7... more
Ganesh Chaturthi is on Sept 11
In many parts of India, Ganesh Chaturthi, or Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days and ends with visarajan (immersion of the Ganesha idol in water) on Anant Chaturthi... more
Soma Pradosham
Sameer writes about the importance of observing Pradosham on Somavaar, that is, Monday, and this month Soma Pradosham falls on two days – Sept 6 and Sept 20... more
Krishna Janmashtami
Krishna Janmashtami, or the birthday of Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar, is being celebrated on Sept 1 in some parts of India and on Sept 2 in other parts of the world... more
Pujas during Varalakshmi Vratam
The Varalakshmi Vratam puja leads to eight benefits: Wealth, Love, Learning, Earth, Strength, Fame, Peace and Desire as it is performed for the Ashta Lakshmis... more
Naga Panchami on Aug 14
Naga Panchami is celebrated to remove the curses resulting from maiming or killing a snake or snakes in your current life or earlier lives, writes Sameer... more
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