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Smaller parties reveal strength in panchayats

Chennai, Oct 21: Elbowed out by money and muscle power in the corporations and municipalities, the smaller parties in Tamil Nadu have made their presence felt in the village and town panchayats.

The smaller parties had a chance to reach out to the people in their wards through door-to-door campaigns. It is this opportunity that the parties other than the AIADMK and the DMK seized with both hands and created their own impact.

Obviously hampered by election logistics which clearly favour the rich and the powerful, the essence of local bodies has been retained through the success of a large number of Independents.

The Dalit parties, in particular, which had little chance of success in the elections in the urban areas, have managed to scramble a few seats in the panchayat wards. The VCK, BSP and PT have a few seats to show for their effort.

Similarly, parties like the PMK and AIFB have better results to show in these polls. Even parties like the Congress and DMDK have had to demonstrate their popularity and strength in the elections to town panchayats and panchayat union ward members posts.

The Congress has won 90 panchayat union wards, 24 town panchayat chairpersons posts and 377 town panchayat wards. Similarly, the DMDK, which failed to make an impact in the mayoral posts, won 129 PU wards and 394 town panchayat wards. Likewise, the PMK has performed better in the panchayats, winning 78 PU wards and 108 town panchayat wards.

While the AIADMK seeks o make a clean sweep of the 10 mayoral posts and over three-fourths of the 125 municipal chairman posts in the state, the contests for rural posts in panchayat unions, village and town panchayats are more keenly contested, providing opportunities for the smaller parties to get a slice of the cake.

There are also a large number of Independents who have got elected to various posts.

The results in elections to various local bodies are (as at 11.30 p.m.):

Panchayat union ward member: Results: 2,841

AIADMK 1,707; DMK 435; Congress 90; DMDK 129; PMK 78; BJP 26; CPI 24; CPM 16; Others 2; MDMK 19; Independents 304; VCK 5; PT 3; NCP 1; BSP 1; RJD 1

District panchayat ward member: Results: 44

AIADMK 33; DMK 2; Congress 2; CPM 2; BJP 2; DMDK 1; CPI 1; MDMK 1

Town panchayat chairpersons: Results: 525

AIADMK 284; DMK 121; Congress 24; BJP 13; MDMK 7; CPM 5; DMDK 3; CPI 2; PMK 2; Independents 64

Town panchayat ward: Results: 7,981

AIADMK 2,837; DMK 1,813; DMDK 394; Congress 377; BJP 181; PMK 108; CPM 101; MDMK 82; CPI 33; Others 30; VCK 12; RJD 8; PT 7; BSP 2; PB 3; DK 1; AIFB 1; Independents 1,991

Municipal chairpersons: Results: 123/125

AIADMK 88; DMK 23; CPM 2; DMDK 2; MDMK 1; BJP 2; Independents 5

Municipal councillors: Results: 3,658

AIADMK 1,667; DMK 952; Congress 164; DMDK 120; MDMK 49; PMK 60; BJP 38; CPM 20; CPI 10; Others 14; VCK 13; RJD 1; BSP 1; Independents 549

Corporation mayor: Results: 10


Corporation councillors: Results: 550

AIADMK 361; DMK 102; Congress 15; MDMK 9; DMDK 5; BJP 4; CPM 2; PMK 1; VCK 1; Independents 50

Oct 22, 2011
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