A mother of 110 kids

For Hemalatha, it was one hurdle after another in life. But this sprightly 47-year-old woman from Ambala (Punjab) has been so tough and resilient that she has come out a winner after life dealt her cruel blows.

Trouble began after she was born in 1964. She continued her schooling in various places like Punjab, Assam, Rajasthan, Mathura and Delhi. But she was unable to finish her degree or education course due to family circumstances.

She was married in 1989 and came down to Chennai in 1995. She gave birth to two children, Gayathri and Divya Saraswathi, but Divya was a special child as she did not have normal vision. But Hemalatha supported her in every way and the youngster is now doing B.A. English literature at S D N B Vaishnav College for Women, Chromepet. Hemalatha teaches her everything and motivates her to do all the work. Her coaching is so excellent that Divya gets many prizes.

Presently, Hemalatha lives with her mother and Divya. Gayathri is doing marine engineering in Finland, in her uncle’s custody.

But, when Hemalatha came to Chennai, she did not know any language other than Hindi. Soon, she learned Tamil and English.

She started her career by working as a Hindi teacher in Renga Memorial School in Chromepet for a princely salary of Rs 800 per month. Then she worked for Max New York Life Insurance for a year. Her next stop was A G Enterprises, Padi, as an office assistant. But she returned to her roots in Renga Memorial School. Simultaneously, she started to take Hindi tuition to help her children.

It was when she joined as a play school teacher in Nik Hill Kids Kingdom School, in 2005, that the change came about. This school has two branches, one in Radha Nagar, Chromepet, and another in Hasthinapuram. Later on, Hemalatha was promoted as an administrator of the schools.

This school is a playschool and daycare centre. Hemalatha takes care of each and every child. When she stepped into this field, she didn’t know how to take car e of these many children. Then she developed great qualities like tolerance, perseverance, hard work, etc.

She feels proud to occupy this position and now she is expert in this field. She is grateful to Mrs Revathi, founder of Nik Hill Kids Kingdom School, and Mr Raja (her husband), CEO of Nik Hill group. She feels that they are like her own family.

She is also thankful to their children. She clearly accepts that she was completely moulded by Revathi and her family.

She started to work here from 2005, 8 years ago. Till now she has taken leave for just eight days. Even a mother would not be able to give importance to so many children but she gives individual attention to every child. Now, she has become mother of 110 children. Children between the age 1-6 study in this school.


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