Indhu – Winner all the way

Indhu, a 17-year-old, physically challenged girl, studying class-11, has already achieved a lot. She is multi-talented person excelling in sports, drawing and studies. Her aim is to win gold in Olympics and, later, become a fashion designer.


Her mother says, “When my daughter was born, both her legs were curved and she was operated upon in the ninth month itself. But there was no use. Doctors said she won’t be able to walk. There are no words to express our feelings and what we underwent then. She got interested in sports and when she was seven, she participated in a running race in the sports day with courage and confidence. Many people discouraged and teased her. Believe it or not, she won the race! This was the beginning and she is still running and winning laurels. She is an expert in running, discus, javelin, high jump and has got lots of prizes and medals.”

Her coach Nagarajan (Special Spara Olympic Association) says that the credit should go only to Indhu and her parents. It’s my duty to train her and she is working hard and achieving a lot. The one thing I used to tell her is, ‘You can do a little better’, so that she can improve herself.

We shot some questions at young achiever Indhu and here are her inspiring replies:

Did you expect that you will become an achiever?

No, I didn’t expect to, but I think my hard work has helped me reach this place.

What did you think when people discouraged you?

I don’t listen to such people. It’s a waste of my time. The only thing I do is win every time and prove to them who am I.

Who is your role model?

P T Usha. I like her the most and she is my inspiration.

How many awards and medals have you won so far?

Nearly 65.

Which is your unforgettable moment?

The national-level competition held in Bijapur, Karnataka. Every participant used modern equipment for practice. As it was not possible for me to, I used a big stone and a long stick for practice, worked hard and won two gold for running, and silver medals in javelin, discus, and high jump. There I understood that only self-confidence is essential and not other things.

How did you feel when you got an achiever award from Tamil Nadu Governor Rosaiah?

I felt happy and proud as I didn’t expect this. It’s a big honour for me. Also, I wish to get an award from our past President A P J Abdul Kalam.

What is your advice for your peers?

They must work hard – as hard as possible. They should not think that they can’t achieve anything. There should be a positive attitude in them. If there is hard work, self-confidence, and spirit, success will follow.


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