Vinayaka Chathurthi

Pillaiyarpatti Vinayaka

Pillaiyarpatti Pillaiyar temple is an ancient, rock-cut cave shrine dedicated to Lord Vinayaka, located at Tirupattur, in Sivagangai district.

Presiding deity - Karpaga Vinayakar

The sanctum sanctorum is a cave where the 6 feet Karpaga Vinayakar is carved. As this is a cave formation, there is no provision to go around for pradakshina. The inner sanctum is well illuminated with oil lamps and the whole idol is covered with gold. It is only during abhishekam, that one can see the full idol in its natural form.

The temple was built under patronage of the Pandyas. The cave temple is believed to be about 2,500 years old. There are 14 stone sculptures in the cave (dated from 500 BC to 1284 AD). These stone sculptures state the ancient names of Pillaiyarpatti such as Ekkattoor, Thiruveenkaikkudi, Maruthangudi, and Rajanarayanapuram.

This temple is the only one in Tamil Nadu which has a 6-foot rock-cut Pillaiyar idol. The trunk of the deity is curled to the right side and so he is also known as Valampuri Pillaiyar. Karpaga Vinayakar is seated facing north.

There are deities in this temple such as goddess Karthiyayini (who arrange marriages), Nagalingam (who gifts offspring), Pasupatheeswarar (who showers all wealth).


Vinayaka Chathurthi is the very important festival in this temple. It is a 10-day festival. Kappu kattuthal and hoisting temple flag begins before nine days. The car festival is held on the 9th day and there is also the sandana kappu for Pillaiyar.

Devotees who observe Chathurthi fast for a year come to Pillaiyarpatti on Avani Suklapaksha Chathurthi day (festival) and conclude it. They observe fast on Chathurthi day in front of the Vinayakar shrine and take part in kumba japam and receive the pot of holy water.

Like all Saivite temples, Pillayarpatti temple also has Lord Shiva as its presiding deity - Lord Arjunapureeswarar.

Temple timings:

6 a.m. – 1 p.m.

4.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

How to reach 

By train

From Tiruchy, there are two daily trains passing through Karaikudi, which starts from Chennai and goes up to Rameswaram.

From Karaikudi, we can reach Pillaiyarpatti, which is 12 km away from Karaikudi, by bus.

By road

There are frequent buses from Madurai to Pilliayarpatti via Tirupattur. It is 75 km from Madurai.

You can also travel from Tiruchy to Pillaiyarpatti via Tirupattur – which is 112 km.

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More Vinayaka Chathurthi
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