World Classical Tamil Conference 2010

Exhibits at the Conference

Solomon Pappiah hails tamil as one of the primitive languages

Pondy CM Vaithialingam at patti mandram

Karunanidhi wants everyone to nurture Tamil

Best Tamil works should be translated

Semmozhi mahanadu to be held periodically

Karunanidhi wants national status for Tamil

Karunanidhi at Internet conference

Drummer Sivamani in action

Dancers showcasing the history of Tamil nadu

Anbhazagan hails tamil as semmozhi

Karunanidhi and dignitaries at the venue

A cultural pageantry

Parpola elaborates on Brahmi script

Parpola talks on Indus valley script

A warm welcome at Asko Parpola

Dignitaries at World Classical Tamil Conference

Codissia technology center

Karunanidhi delves on his literary career

Participants at patti mandram

Vairamuthu praises Karunanidhi

George Hart recites Rig Veda

Sangam literature is one of the oldest in the world

George Hart highlights the richness of tamil literature

George Hart about the uniqueness of tamil

A cultural show

Police officials at DG press meet

Ancient script can be deciphered

Parpola elaborates on Induc valley script

Ananthakrishnan welcomes Parpola