A ‘bear’y special gift

For many people, Valentine’s Day means gifts of different kinds – to share your love.

There are the usual gifts like greeting cards, rings, bouquets, crystal toys, chocolates, etc. Instead of buying such mundane and usual gifts, youngsters buy teddy bears to express their love for their beloved one or even a close friend. So, presenting a teddy bear is becoming a new fashion among people.

‘Carz’n’dollz’, Selaiyur, East Tambaram, is one of the shops that caters to a valentine’s needs. The shop began business in 2010.

Owner Javid has only one year of experience running the shop but the shop is already famous.

This has encouraged the shop-owner to bring more varieties of teddy bears.

Teddy bears are not your run-of-the-mill variety. They are decorated with gorgeous hearts.

And then there are stuffed hearts that are on display for V-Day. The price of these hearts ranges from Rs 99 to Rs 2,699. These hearts boast of words like Sweet Heart, Like You, Happy Valentine’s Day. Depending on your mood and your present status in life, you can choose a suitable wording.

The shop has a large collection of eye-catching imported teddy bears. Also, there are more than 150 different varieties of toys in different sizes.

The attractive arrangements lure the youth and, as one customer said, it makes one happy to see all the collections under one roof.

Valentine’ Day sales is always goods and it actually reaches the peak on that day.


J Chitra

A Divya

E Beula

M Deivanai

K Marithuraichi

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