Grand old mall of Chennai

One of the oldest malls in the vibrant metropolis, Spencer Plaza throbs with life only on Valentine’s Day these days.

Sales are less during February and March and shop-keepers are satisfied with sales on other days, remarked a shop-owner who sells handbags, purses and cosmetics.


 Valentine’s Day is marked by special sales like greeting cards, balloons, separate cards for husband and wife, father and mother, which normally appear in the shops probably on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Apart from cards, people prefer dresses, gifts, chocolate and cakes, watches and fashion accessories for their lovable valentine. The floral varieties for V-Day are mainly roses. Valentine’s Day bouquet is made of roses and tulips.


There is a definite boost in sales as youths throng the gift shops to make the best buy to impress their beloved.

The concept of gifting for Valentine’s Day may be western, but it has caught on like fire amongst the youth, declared a shop-owner who specialises in men’s garments.



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