Celebs and Valentine’s Day - 2

How actor Abhishek rose in love

They are artistes of different calibre: Actor Abishek dons the grease paint in movies and TV serials and his wife Padma is a famous violinist. They met in Mumbai and fell in love – but it was a long wait before they could get married. They are blessed with son Karun and pet dog King.

Q: How do you enjoy or celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A: Every day is Valentine’s Day if we really love the person. Love has to be universal. It should be unconditional.

Q: Who declared their love first?

A: We didn’t propose to each other. I met my wife in a music school. She plays the violin and I went there to learn music. I fell in love with her at first sight. It is wrong to say that I fell in love, I rose in love.

Q: What are the difficulties you encountered before you got married?

A: Actually, I am lucky to have a wonderful life partner. We were in love for eight years and 11 years ago, we got married on August 28. Since I am in the field of movies, her family was hesitant to give their consent. We waited for a long time and then got married.

Q: What is the status of love today?

A: I can’t answer that because if my son loves somebody, with his help, I may know about today’s love. Marriage is an institution that needs to be strengthened, so every love should end in marriage.

Q: Whom do you love more: your parents or your wife?

A: I love my mother the most. I am very attached to my mother. I can’t live without her. I have two brothers and all three of us want our mother to stay with us.

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