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Junior Balaiah’s love story

Junior Balaiah is a well-known actor in Kollywood. His real name was Raghu. His father was Balaiah, a well known villain/comedian of the ‘70s and ‘80s. So, Raghu came to be known as Junior Balaiah. A special thing about Jr Balaiah and his wife Suzanna is that their wedding day falls on February 14 – that’s right, Valentine’s Day. They did not plan to get married on V-Day, but it happened so, says the couple that fell in love before marriage. He has a wonderful family consisting of son Murali and daughter Nivedha.

According to Jr Baliah and his wife Suzanna, Valentine’s Day is not Indian culture – it’s Western culture. But nowadays it is celebrated in Chennai and on this day, flowers and other gifts are exchanged to express one’s love.

Sharing affection is also a symbol of love and one does not need to give gifts, says the couple. And it need not be confined to one day - expressing love should continue till we breathe our last, says the couple that married for love.

Junior BalaiahJr Balaiah opines that love marriage is the best form of marriage. He finds it difficult to understand how people can enter married life without knowing each other. In the case of love marriage, we come to know about each other, he says. In arranged marriage, in case of divorce, there is a chance to blame others. But, in love marriage, we have to own responsibility and not blame others, he smiles.

“We believe in love but not in infatuation,” he declares.

He has a word of advice for parents also. They should love and be affectionate towards their children so that the children take them as a role model and feel proud of their parents.

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