Chennai celebrates V-Day

Streetside shops in T Nagar, Chennai, were packed with Valentine’s Day gifts like dolls and greetings. There were a lot of new collections of dolls and the shops provided a variety of gifts to make V-Day a very special and lovely one.

These roadside shop-keepers have their finger on the pulse of the shoppers. Talk to them and they will enlighten you on what is the latest trend among youngsters and it was the same with the case of Valentine’s Day also.

S Kumar, a shop-keeper on Usman Road, said people were now more interested in buying dolls, handbags, bracelets, rings and roses for their loved ones.

He should know because there is a milling crowd at his shop an other shops on Pondy Bazaar who do roaring business every day and not just V-Day.

Love was in the ‘air’ – yes – TV channels and radio stations had also arranged for special shows for Valentine’s Day.

Imam, the anchor for ‘Adhithya’ channel, gave a rollicking account of V-Day. His take was that hotels, petrol pumps, cell phone service providers and the roses and balloon industries do roaring business on this particular day. But he also hastened to add that he respects true love.

He had a word of advice for people who display affection in public. Lovers should maintain basic decency in public places to avoid criticism, he said.


Even school kids seemed aware of the dress code for V-Day and V Gangadhar, studying class 10 in a private school in Chennai, said he was clutching a piece of blue cloth to say he was single!

Despite some protests here and there in Chennai against lovers celebrating the Western import – Valentine’s Day – it was a happy day for those who were in love and young, married couples.


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