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Exploring new cities and towns domestically or internationally is something most people love. Vacations are very essential for refreshing the mind and the soul. Although like everything else, traveling comes with it’s own set of stressors. Here you will find all the tips and tricks how you can get rid off  stress and make vacationing a breeze.


When we are getting ready to go on a vacation, the packing becomes a nightmare. It’s one task that totally drains almost everyone out mentally. Most of us leave it all the way until the last minute and then we’re all hassled and frazzled because we don’t know where to start.   First of all, download a packing app as it makes it easier to pack without forgetting anything important. It is always better to use a bag or a case that opens fully as a poster duffle bag or something that's a top-load.

Considering the clothes, the clothes that you pack should be reusable. Pack pieces that can be combined with many different items and make sure you don’t over pack. Once you are done with that, pile everything together and see how much space is required and start arranging them as per  the outfit pairings so that you don’t have to struggle later. The rolling trick comes handy here. It’s such a nifty way to save space. In case you are packing a shirt, roll up a belt in your shirt collar. It will not only help store the belt but also keep your collar crisp.

Carry shoes not more than two, that’s easy to put on and off while traveling. Beauty electronics should be placed in between clothes to avoid damage. You can store anything that’s fragile like perfume or nail polish bottles in your shoes. I like to use pill containers to store small earring and delicate jewellery. For chunkier pieces, just place them in between two sheets of cling wraps. It is convenient to store, remove and put back. Oops, I forgot the musty odour. Well, you can keep the musty odour away from the other clothes by putting in a few drier sheets in between the clothes while packing the bag. There you go, it’s that easy.


While I am on a holiday, I usually put all the clothes that I’ve already worn in a laundry bag and put in a hotel soap to kill the cloth’s odour and keep the bag smelling fresh. It is important to use signs  like bright coloured  ribbon or a bag tag or anything you think it sets it apart, to easily identify your bags from the conveyor belt. You can carry a steam iron while you travel or you can carry the soft fabrics into the shower. The stream will remove almost all the wrinkles.

And the last of all, In case, you feel like music and dance, but missing up speakers, you can place your phone into an empty coffee mug to amplify the sound. There you go! Now you can jump for joy



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