Chinna Romapuri

Vadakkangulam is  an ancient village in Tiruneveli district  which is known as “Chinna Romapuri” which means small Rome.  The reason behind this name “Chinna Romapuri” is because of the churches around the village. There are so many churches around the village.  This village is known for its rich history and is known for its rich history and heritage.  There is a church of St. Mary which was built 150 years ago by English men.  The church was started to build in 1855 and completed in the year 1872.  It took nearly 17 years to build it.  This church totally has 5 entrances to the church seen from the alter, the church appears to be in V-shape and from 3 entrances of this church from where ever you stand the alter will be straight to us in such a way the architect has been designed.  Also  the paintings in the wall of the church are painted naturally with herbal leaves which still remain bright and colorful.

And also there are other churches around the village. They are St. Michael church, St. Antony church, St. George church, St. Sebastian church, St. Velankanni church, Arpudha Madha church, Izhai Patri Madha church, Fathima Girir church, Kaatchi Kodutha Madha church, Lutheran church, C.S.I. church, C.M.S.church.  All these are the various churches around the village.  Hence, the village resembles the city of Rome; it is called as “Chinna Romapuri”.  This village is best place for worship.  In Fathima Giri church the prayer takes places for 24 hours regularly.  In all the Directions there will be a church and from all directions you can easily see the top of the Holy Family church.Holy Family Catholic Church is a vibrant, spirit-filled faith community. Following the example of the Holy Family, we seek God by celebrating, growing and living our faith

People from all over the places come to this village and worship various churches of Rome in Tamil Nadu. We admired the village and made you to admire with us……..










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