Peru is known around the globe for its wonder of the world, Machu Picchu, and its famous Inca road system. However, every region of the country holds a treasure trove of landscapes and activities and is a perfect destination to plan your dream honeymoon.  Here’s a list of things you can explore while romancing in the land of treasures.

Peru has an adventurous, mystical, environmental and fun spirit, but it also has luxury and delicacy. The perfect trip with 5 star hotels, suites, yachts, luxurious trains, light aircraft, limousines, dinners on the sea front, admiring Machu Picchu, the Misti, the heights of Lake Titicaca or sailing on the Amazon River. Everything is possible.



A cruise on the Amazon river is the most luxurious journey in the Amazon region. A dream-like trip deep in the wild jungle, waking up to bird song, falling asleep amidst the peace of the natural world. The cruise ships have suites boasting 180 degree panoramic views, air conditioning and luxurious decoration. The dining rooms and lounges have large dividing screens, hammocks on the upper deck to enjoy the mild weather in the open air, viewing platforms, boutiques and different on-board services to complement your pleasant stay.

An additional detail is the local cuisine, with a touch of European gourmet. A journey to be enjoyed to the full with your better half.





This hot northern city has been added to the list of luxury destinations thanks to its white sandy beaches and turquoise-blue sea, which get nothing but rave reviews from visitors. Millions of soles have been invested in hotels and first-class services over the last few decades. This natural paradise has been improved further by luxury infrastructure that guarantees visitors rest, along with the famous local cuisine and entertainment under the sun. The most luxurious accommodation is in Máncora and Vichayito, with boutique hotels exclusively for couples that boast spas, steam rooms, massages for couples, jacuzzis over looking the sea, private balconies with pools next to the lounge bar and horse riding.



To enjoy the Ballestas islands the services include modern speedboats from which you can get close to the marine world of Paracas, play or swim with sea lions, photograph the curious Humboldt penguins and the thousands of birds that live in the area.

The mysterious Nazca Lines, which can only be fully appreciated from the air or sea, are the most impressive attraction on this luxurious journey. There are 12 enormous, unforgettable geometrical figures drawn thousands of years ago and etched into the extensive sand dunes. Some consider them to be a lunar calendar built by the ancient Peruvians, or an interpretation of the magical world in which they lived.



If you want to explore adventure, Arequipa is the place for you. A first-class trip to Arequipa involves visiting Colca Canyon, perfect for trekking, canoeing, climbing, paragliding and mountain biking. The canyon is known for its hot springs, pre-Inca archaeological sites and platforms that indicate the dominance of the ancient Peruvians over nature. Among the scenery, modernity has carefully placed hotels designed to satisfy highly demanding visitors.

Cruise ships


Peru's very long coastline, deep, wide rivers and modern ports have all ensured that luxury cruise ships have been coming to the country for over a decade. The country's main port, El Callao, receives almost daily arrivals of tourists eager to explore Peru, experience its national folklore and renowned cuisine that captivates your palate no matter where you come from.


Amazon River


The Amazon is the world's longest and widest river. Travelling on it for a whole week is as close to nature as you can get. Every corner of the jungle fascinates you and captivates you, whether you are in


Peruvian, Colombian or Brazilian territory. The experience includes trekking, visiting native communities, canoe trips and all the comfort of a floating hotel.

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