Mullaivaneswarar temple at Mullaivasal

Quite often we observe, people driven by exalted ideals and lofty intentions, engage themselves, with all earnestness and involvement, in renovation of ancient temples located in some modest villages but have a hollowed history and mythological significance. The organisers collect huge sums of money and other resources to bring back the temples to their original, pristine elegance. The entire exercise is executed with all fanfare. The 'Kumbabhishekam' of the renovated temple is performed displaying pomp and pageantry. But alas, in several such cases, the initial energy and enthusiasm dissipate rather rapidly and once again, the temple is consigned to oblivion and disuse. While we scrupulously attend to all our basic needs like bathing, clothing, eating etc. on a daily basis, it is not incumbent on us to ensure that the deity we pray to is also taken care of in a similar manner? Sustained concern and commitment are as vital as the eagerness and emotion exhibited at the beginning. And when it happens at a particular village as a refreshing contrast to the general trend, it deserves special mention so that it can be followed by others also.


A discerning reader may recall that in our earlier Chennailivenews, we had reported the  MahaKumbabhishekam of Mullaivaneswarar temple at Mullaivasal, a charming tiny sylvan village near Needamangalam in Tiruvarurdistrict performed on 28th August 2015 on a grand scale. It is a matter of bliss and beatitude to record that the regular daily rituals, ordained as per scriptures, are being meticulously performed at this temple thanks to the assiduous and altruistic efforts of the local population, noted among them being one Sri.Murthy, who has voluntarily taken  permanent residentship of the village. 


We are also particualrly delighted to record that 'Akhila indhiya Aadhi Saiva Sivaachariyargal Sevaa Sangam'of Tiruvarur district has taken up the holy assignment of performing 'Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam' every month at the temple by Sri Sivasri Keerthivasa Sivachariar [Temple priest] under the leadership of Sri. P.Swaminatha Sivachariar [Ekadasa Rudrabhisheka Committee Head]. The latest Maha Rudhrabhishekam was performed with all grandeur and glory on 10.04.2018 [Panguni 28, Hemalamba varsham]. Sri. G.Madankumar Sivachariar [Secretary, Vilakkudi], Sri. T.Muthukkumar Sivachariar [Treasurer, Madappuram], Sri. G.Mohan Sivachariar [Coordinator, Ekadasa Rudrabhisheka Committee] graced the festive occasion. All the sivachariars belonging to the Sangam actively participated in the function alongwith their families. made it a great success and derived in full the blessings of Lord Mullaivaneswarar and Karpagavalli Ambal. 


It is our fond hope that this ancient temple renovated and maintained properly shines as an example for others to emulate. 


 Haripriya Chandramouli.


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