As we know Holi is a religious occasion that marks the beginning of spring. Holi is an ancient festival celebrated across India, it is even described in 7th century Sanskrit play “Ratnavali” written by Indian emperor Harsha. This function usually takes place on the last full moon day of Hindu lunisolar calendar month, usually during the March month. This year it falls on March 2. During this function Children and elders will splash colours on each other without any caste differences and they also spend their time with their family and friends.


The history of this festival lie in the Hindu female demon Holika and she was the sister of king Hiranyakashayap. His brother believed that he was the ruler of the universe and superior to all gods. But his son, Prahlad followed Vishnu, the protector of the universe, Hiranyakashayap was angered by this act of Prahlad and planned to kill Prahlad with the help of her sister Holika. A pyre was lit and Holika sat with Prahlad in her lap. Prahlad emerged out of fire whereas Holika burned into ashes at the same time Hiranyakashayap was killed by lord Vishnu and Prahlad become king. The moral of the story is that good always win over evil and that’s why Holi is celebrated.


The tradition of throwing colour powder and water is believed to the mythological love story of Krishna and Radha. Krishna, the Hindu god with dark blue complexion, complained to his mother about Radha’s fair complexion. To console her son’s sadness she suggested smearing colour’s on Radha. And it’s believed that this is the custom of smearing colours on their loved ones. 


 For the first time our college permitted us to celebrate holi and they allowed us to bring colours. At first we thought it’s going to be boring and no one is going to splash colours on each other, because everyone is aware not to make our clothes untidy. Our principal announced us to assemble in ground about 12.30pm, and permitted us to enjoy holi. Then the clock strikes at 12.30 and everyone slowly take their colour powders to start the game. My friend said that I am not supposed to make her mess but I am not ready to hear her boring lectures. I just pick pink colour from my bag and started to run behind her, she runs as far as she can but she failed I caught her and splashed the colour as much as I can, now she enthusiastically take the blue colour and followed me, again from the another corner three friends join with her and started to run behind me, I just tried to escape from them but finally they caught me and filled me with different colours. We just enjoyed the day to the core because our college was filled with colours, and we also take selfies to make our day even more special. When we tried to take some clicks we can’t even recognize our face because we were filled with n-number of colours such as red, green, blue, pink and yellow. We just look like painters who finished their works and returning back to their home, because our face, clothes and heads were filled with colours. At the same time we were filled with joy and happiness. Because this is our final year, for us every day and every moment were special to us but this day made something even more colourful to us. And we also learned a lesson that in our life sorrows and anxiety can pull us down but there are some colourful moments with our friends had the power to regain all the happiness in our life.  And the day finally ended with glistening smile and dreams.


Each colour has its one significance, red for happiness, green for nature, blue for peace and heavenly, yellow for brilliance and warmth, orange for ambition. And it’s also believed that if we splash colours on our loved ones it means we agree them as they are and at the same time we accept their past and their flaws.  And it also signifies that even after we were splashed with many colours we can’t recognize our real face but we tend to accept ourself likewise we should accept our neighbor’s

By Ansalam selestina.A , B.aarthi, Racheal daphne manuel, W.Monicka ,jagadeeshwari,A.Janani Priyadhashini, Mohana.P


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