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Thiruparkadal Ranganathar

Thiruparkadal, a tiny hamlet on the Chennai-Bangalore highway, houses the famous shrine of Lord Ranganatha. The icon of the Lord is made of athi wood which is unique. The temple is replete with puranic lore. Let us catch a glimpse of its genesis.

Presiding deity - Lord Ranganatha

Thayar – Ranganayaki, Kadal Magal Nachiyar

One of the Trimurtis, Brahma, got angry with Mahavishnu and came down to earth in fury. He decided to perform a yagna in the temple town of Kancheepuram and asked his consort Saraswathi to join him. Saraswathi refused to join him and Brahma was assisted by his other wives, Savithri and Gayathri.

Angry with her husband, Saraswathi decided to stop the yagna in the form of river Vegavathi.

Mahavishnu, who adores Brahma, blocked the speeding Vegavathi, reclining on Adisesha. He acted as a dam to block the river. Saraswathi was appeased and was blessed by the Lord. She became happy and paved the way for Brahma’s yagna.

The yagna was completed by Brahma successfully. He at once requested the Lord to stay at this hallowed spot reclining on the serpent bed. Since the Lord is in sayana thirukolam as in Ksheerapthi (Milky Ocean), the place is called Thiruparkadal (Milky Ocean).

Since he appears at the confluence of the rivers Vegavathi and Palar, he is called Ranganatha.

The presiding deity, Ksheerapthi Nathan, Sri Ranganathan, in reclining posture, faces south and has a marakkal (measure) under his head.

Brahma appears from his nabhi kamalam.

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