Kolu Competition 2011

2011 Navarathri Kolu contest winners

The 2011 Navarathri Kolu contest, organised by chennailivenews.com, was an overwhelming experience. The reason for that - the overwhelming response to our contest from our readers.

We had 81 participants and the judges were flummoxed because each competitor had put her/his heart and soul into their Kolu leading to exceptional and - unwittingly - fierce competition among the contestants.

We had participants who stuck to the traditional Kolu and brought so much life into the padi Kolu that you did not want to look beyond them. But then there were also people who struck a different path - they chose to pack a message along with the traditional Kolu. Some were religious themes, some, social, and some as contemporary as Anna Hazare's dream of a corruption-free country.

The judges were hard put picking the winners as each Kolu had its own strengths. But they used some parameters like theme, substance, aesthetics and extras. At the end of it, they pooled their expertise and selected three prizes - one Special Mention prize and two Bumper prizes.

But they could not stop with that as there were so many other deserving contestants. So, they stretched the resources and selected six consolation prizes - this is not to offer consolation to the participants but to console themselves – the judges - that they have done justice to six more of the brilliant contestants.

A special word about the Kolu arranged by youngsters G Avinash and G Harathy. They not only showed great interest in arranging the Kolu but also in ensuring that the site published their pics and write-up. This made the judges take heart that the future of Tamil culture is in safe hands and they have decided to honour the siblings with a special prize.

The prize distribution ceremony will be held at The Accord Metropolitan in T Nagar on November 15 at 2 p.m. The winners will also be intimated personally.

Prize winners

  • Sita’s Sri Chakra Meru Kolu - Special Mention
  • All scenes from Parvathi Kalyanam – Bumper Prize 1
  • Karthikeyan’s five-in-one Kolu – Bumper Prize 2

Consolation Prizes

  • Messages, messages in Mekalatha Kolu
  • Story-telling time at Gayathri’s Kolu
  • Puri Jagannath temple comes alive
  • Sripuram glitters in Usha’s Kolu
  • Journey from darkness unto light
  • Bhavani’s Aathichoodi Kolu
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More Kolu Competition 2011
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