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Guests and prize winners at the prize distribution ceremony of chennailivenews.com that was held on November 15, 2011, went back with their hands and minds full. Apart from the attractive prizes, our readers were treated to short ‘lectures’ by none other than two youngsters on the need to preserve our culture!

The wise words from the younger generation made the audience sit up and take notice.

The function was to award prizes to our readers who had won in the Navarathri Kolu contest, Deepavali recipe competition and Memorable Deepavali contest. But the two youngsters, among the prize winners, gave us a lot to think about.

G Avinash, a prize winner of the Kolu contest, and Anand Satchidanandan, who was instrumental in his mother Sita Satchidanandan winning the special mention prize, came up to the mike to impress upon the audience how important it was to continue traditional practices like arranging Kolu at home and brought their own modern thinking into it.

The prize winners and their families had turned up in good numbers for the colourful prize distribution ceremony chennailivenews.com held at The Accord Metropolitan hotel in T Nagar.

Noted Carnatic singer Vasundhara Rajagopal gave a stirring speech on why it was important to observe festivals like Navarathri and Deepavali. She said she was amazed that 81 readers had participated in the Kolu competition – sans any advertisement on the part of our website!

She found it heartening that there were so many participants for the Deepavali recipe contest and her eyebrows shot up when our second prize winner Srimathy Sethuraman said her winning recipe was ‘ragi dry fruit halwa’ – healthy and exotic!

Except for a couple of prize winners, the others had come in person – accompanied by family and friends - to receive their fabulous prizes.

Vasundhara Rajagopal patiently gave away the prizes which included a trip for two sponsored by Roadlink India to Bangalore by their Volvo bus; holiday for two to Ooty, sponsored by SOTC; and DVDs/CDs sponsored by Fast Forward Electronic Store, R A Puram.

There was active participation by the winners when the floor was thrown open to them for their comments.

Led by Bhavani Balasubramanian (who won a consolation prize in the Kolu competition), Sita Satchidanandan (who won the first prize in the Kolu competition), her son Anand who had helped set up the Sri Chakra Meru Kolu, G Avinash (who won a special prize for being the youngest and an active participant) followed suit and gave a snapshot view of how they had set up their Kolu and how it was important to continue the tradition.

D Vimala, who won the first prize for her Ashoka halwa recipe in the Deepavali recipe contest, tickled everybody’s funnybone by saying that she hardly gets any recognition for the cooking she does at home and that her husband – who had accompanied her to the function – did not believe till she had received the prize that she was a winner!

Nanganallur Sridhar had the audience in splits when he said the credit for the success of a woman in the Kolu competition should mostly go to the male members of the family who have to slog for making the arrangements.

Roadlink India’s Vasu Govindan assured that his association with chennailivnews.com would continue in the coming years.

SOTC representative Syed Nadimuddin presenting the box holiday prizes and explained how you can pick a holiday off the shelf at his travel company.

Newsreel Media Services (the company that runs chennailivenews.com) chairperson Usha Raja gave a neat description of the online and offline activities of the website and introduced the chief guest of the afternoon.

That was not the end of the function – the guests mingled freely during tea and exchanged pleasantries and ideas.

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