Kolu Competition 2011

Uthra’s handicrafts Ramayana Kolu

Our theme for this year’s Kolu was a few scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

We had set up the scenes with whatever dolls we already had. Except for the dolls, all other things are handmade. From the huts in the forest, chairs in Ravana’s durbar, the Sethu bridge, stones, ‘tail seat’ for Hanuman, chariot, etc., everything is handmade.

The scenes which were depicted are

Scene 1 - Panchavati - Sita and Rama looking at the deer.

Scene 2 - Ravana disguised as rishi seeking biksha from Sita.

Scene 3 - Hurt Jatayu telling about Ravana abducting Sita.

Scene 4 - Hanuman in Ravana’s durbar sitting on the chair made with his tail.

Scene 5 - Hanuman meeting Sita in Ashokavan.

Scene 6 - Rama and the followers building Sethu bridge using stones

Scene 7 - War between Rama and Ravana

Scene 8 – Rama pattabishekam



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