Kolu Competition 2011

Saranya’s Kolu is a riot of themes

This year, we have displayed multiple themes in two spacious rooms – one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Our goal is to entertain educate people of all ages and, hence, we have themes from mythology (lord Krishna went to Sandeepani Munivar’s ashram and learnt the 64 arts), explanation of popular Tamil phrase ‘Pathinarum Petru Peru Vazhvu Vazhga’, Sangam Age land divisions, Mahabalipuram, farmhouse, Chettiar supermarket in the kids corner and dancing Krishna kolam.

Lord Krishna learnt 64 arts in Sandeepani Munivar’s ashram - we have displayed the 64 art forms (which was prevalent during those days) with lots of hand-decorated dolls and articles prepared at home. We have shown the scene of lord Krishna and Balaram in Sandeepani Munivar’s ashram and a huge village scene with people performing/displaying the 64 arts.

We have also depicted the 16 selvangal (riches). We have displayed the 16 selvangal with customised dolls and the meaning of each selvam. The scene depicted is a young couple being blessed by an elderly couple saying “Pathinarum Petru Peru Vazhvu Vazhga”, and have shown the significance of the 16 riches - pugazh, kalvi, veeram, thunivu, vetri, dhanam, dhanyam, santhanam, kulam, sowbhagiyam, bogam, arivu, azhagu, aram, perumai, noyinmai.

We have arranged the Im Thinaigal – five land divisions - of Sangam Age, categorised as Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Neythal and Palai. We have shown the landscape, god worshipped during those days in each of these regions, people/their occupation and the animals in these regions with handcrafted dolls & background.

In the Kovil and Mandapam darshan we have printed huge banners for backdrop - Meenakshi Amman Temple -to display the three Devis and Ayiram Kaal Mandapam backdrop for Pillaiyar, Murugan, Chakrathazvar shrine.

We converted a 1-foot doll (woman’s face plaster of Paris doll) into a temple priest - the doll was kept on top of a empty gas cylinder and hands were stitched and mustache/beard attached to give it a masculine appearance!

We have also depicted Mahabalipuram/farmhouse & Chettiar supermarket.

We decided the themes in mid-April 2011 and started collecting the dolls and materials including banners.

The entire Kolu, spanning two big rooms, was arranged with the help of my husband who shared the idea for all the themes and helped me in every way.

My mother-in-law, mom and 80-year-old grandmother helped me arrange the Kolu, dancing Krishna kolam, kaasu maalai doll decoration respectively. Special thanks to my 3½-year-old daughter Srushtika as without her cooperation this would not have been possible.


Saranya Vijay Rajan





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