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Celestial Weddings by Purnima Mannar

Celestial Weddings

The theme of our kolu is "Celestial Weddings". We have showcased six weddings. All the weddings prove a point that it is purely love on both sides that culminates a happy marriage. Even Gods seek other’s intervention to fulfil their love like Lord Ganesa as a wild elephant chasing Valli for the sake of lord Muruga or Kama deva using cupids arrow on Lord Shiva or Vakula Devi initiating marriage proposal of Sreenivasa. Sudhama acts as a messenger to help Rukmini and Krishna to elope. Girls had the privilege of choosing their bride groom as in Seetha Swayamvaram. Goddess Meenakshi’s parents agreed to their daughter’s choice of her husband.


The speciality of our kolu is this unique theme where we have showcased all handmade thematic dolls made of bottles and balls to sequence of events leading to Valli Thirumanam, Padmavathi Parinayam, Rukmini Kalyanam, Seetha Swayamvaram, Kumara Sambhavanm and Meenakshi Thirukalyanam.


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More Kolu Competition photo gallery
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