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Thiruvilayadal puranam park by Anita Shivakumar

his time for navaratri, we have kept 7 steps of golu bommai, a village themed park and another park for depicting mythological stories about Shiva.

7 steps of Golu bommai
* Starts from gods from the top shelves, then saints and imminent personalities and then the last 2 steps about common man and chettiar kadai
* Chettiar kadai has a 100 year old glass choppu (4 of them), a miniature version of Reader's digest and Kanda shasti Kavacham and one of the rare pithalai choppu.
Thiruvilayadal puranam park (created by hand decorated dolls)
There are 3 stories here.

Story 1: is about how Murugan goes to Palani malai after losing in the competition with Pilliar
Story 1, scene 1: Naradar gives the mango fruit to Shivan and Shivan proposes a competition wherein who ever comes around the world first will get the gnana pazham
Story 1, scene 2: Murugan sets off with his peacock to go around the world.
Story 1, scene 3: Pilliar comes around Shiva and Parvati
Story 1, scene 4: Murugan comes to know that Pilliar has won the competition and gets angry and walks away
Story 1, scene 5: Murugan takes the kavi dress and climbs the palani hill. He is accompanied by Avvai paati who tries to pacify him.
Story 2: About Kannappa Nayanar
Story 3: About Dharmi and Nakkeerar
Story 3, Scene 1: Shenbaga pandiyan king gets the doubt whether his queen's hair has a natural fragnance or not. 
Story 3, Scene 2: The official announces the prize of 1000 gold coins for clearing the King's doubt. In the crowd is also Dharmi who is listening.
Story 3, scene 3: Dharmi meets Shivan disguised as a poet in the temple. Modelled after the famous 'kelvigalai nee kekkaraaya allathu naan kekkattama' played by Nagesh and Shivaji Ganesan. Shivan presents his song to Dharmi for him to give it to the king.
Story 3, scene 4: Dharmi presents it to the King who is ready to give him the prize but is stopped by Nakkeeerar who claims that there is a mistake in his poem.
Story 3, scene 5: Enraged about the mistake, Shiva disguised as the poet comes to check it out by himself. Nakkeerar in an argument says that the lady's hair never has a fragnance on its own and that his poem which claims otherwise is wrong. In the fight that follows, Shiva shows his true self by opening his third eye. Yet Nakkeeerar is steadfast and claims that 'Nettri kann thirappilum kuttram kuttrame'. And Shiva burns him down to ashes.
Story 3, scene 6: Shiva brings back Nakeerar to life in the Madurai Meenakshi potramarai kolam and blesses him for his love of tamil language and his steadfastness even when he knew that the opponent was lord Shiva himself.
Village Park Scene
A beautiful model village with 
- different types of houses, 
- a park with musicians playing, 
- a santhai (market place)
- a school
- a temple complex with a 'ther' in procession along with a marriage party
- a field 
- a massive Jungle with a forest ranger, many animals and lush green forest
Different types of model houses, a Japanese theatre, are a few of the attractions in this golu.
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More Kolu Competition photo gallery
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