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Kodhaiyin Geethai"by Vanisri Raghupathi

I have been researching on Andal and Thiruppavai for the past one year and after reading several Vyakanams and listening to Upanyasams, we have covered the following in our Golu. 


1. Correlation between Andal's Thiruppavai and Bhagavath Gita with the specific verses (Chapter/Verse)

2. Representation of 30 Thiruppavai Paasuram using appropriate dolls and hand made props

3. Inner Meaning of Thiruppavai Paasurams (Swapadesam)

4. Story of Andal using Self Hand-Crafted Dolls

5. Andal Thirukalyanam (Vaaranam Aayiram) using Self Hand-Crafted Dolls and Kalyana Seer

6. Alwar Thirupalliyezhuchi (Awakening of Alwars by Andal)

7. Navavidha Bhakthi in Thiruppavai

8. Navarasam in Thiruppavai

9. Names of Narayana in Thiruppavai

10. Names of the friends that Andal wakes up and their significance

11. Divya Desams highlighted in Thiruppavai with references from Naalayira Divya Prabandam and Alwars who have performed Mangalasaasanams. 

12. Self Designed Kolams for all 30 Paasurams

13. Self Made Neivedyam for all 30 Paasurams

14. Importance of the month of Margazhi


Self Hand-Crafted Items: 


1. Andal and Krishna made from Kuthu Vilakku and Kudam

2. Navadhanya Kolam of Cow and Calf 

3. Paintings of Vishnu Avatars in Thiruppavai

a. Vamana – Kerala Mural

b. Narasimha – Coffee Painting

c. Krishna – M-Seal Painting

d. Balarama – Meenakari Painting

e. Rama – Kalamkari Painting

4. Painting Representing Moolasthanam in Srivilliputtur and Thiruppavai’s key meaning

5. Hand Crafted Sangu Chakaram and Namam using Kundan Stones

6. Hand Crafted Swing for Andal and Rangamannar

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