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Srirangam Madurai Golus by The Mylapore Trio and Sugathan.

We are herewith sharing the memorable moments and Pictures of the grand magnificent, massive, Golus at Srirangam & Madurai Temples 2015 which were Conceived, Created & Executed by The Mylapore Trio Surendranath, Amarnath, Aparna and Sugathan by the great blessings of Goddess Meenakshi and Goddess Ranganayaki Thaayar. They dedicated this as an offering to the lotus feet of the Goddesses as a Great Bhaagyam without any expectations.

For the second time at Srirangam Temple, a great grand golu was kept, as an offering to the Lotus Feet of Goddess Ranganayaki Thaayar & Sri Ranganathar. The theme was “Dhasa Mahathmiyam”, Which included Dhasavatharam and Dhasathathvam and Paramapathanaathar at the Centre. The golu was inaugurated by The Mylapore Trio  and Sugathan by lighting the Kutthu Vilakku along with other VIPs - Collector of Trichy, Tamil Nadu Govt. Chief Whip, Srirangam MLA, Joint Commissioner of Srirangam Temple, the temple chairman and the chairman of the TVS group – Shri. Venu Srinivasan and the popular Auditor Gurumurthi and all others appreciated and honoured the Mylapore Trio and Sugathan for their dedicated service, earnest effort in putting up this divine and creative display of dolls in a thematic manner. Lakhs of people from different cross section of the society witnessed the blissful festival at the sacred 1000-pillared hall in the Srirangam Temple during those Ten days. On the final day Sugathan presented a lone divine performance as Aatma Nivedanam to the lord in the midst of divine dolls at the Golu Mantapam. It was indeed a very great Bhaagyam for us to be at the beck and call of Lord Ranganathar at the doorstep of the heavenly Thirumaamani Mantapam at Bhooloka Vaikuntam all through the Navarathri.

The Mylapore Trio and Sugathan were immensely blessed to arrange a great thematic golu for the Fifth time at Madurai Meenakshi Temple, as an offering at the Lotus Feet of Goddess Meenakshi Amman. This year’s theme was ‘Pancha Bhootha Mahatmiyam’ which explained the various facets of Five Elements of Nature. On the morning of the inaugural day,   In the evening Shri Karumuthu Kannan – the Chairman of the temple, the Joint commissioner of the temple, The Mylapore Trio, Sugathan and others lighted the Kutthu Vilakku in front of Goddess Meenakshi (Utsavar in Rajarajeshwari Alankaram) at the Grand Golu Mantapam. On this auspicious occasion the Mylapore Trio and Sugathan presented a big “Golden Lotus” (Brass Lotus with gold lacquer) to Goddess Meenakshi as an offering to the all powerful Goddess. The gorgeous Golu was witnessed by Lakhs of people from across the country all through the nine days. On the evening of Saraswathi Pooja day, Chi. Sugathan gave a Stunning Solo Performance for one hour on the theme “Aadal Kaaneero”  (a mixed bag of all genres and languages) at the historic Kalyana Mantapam, witnessed by hundreds of people. It was a great blessing for us to be as dedicated servants at the Durbar of the all powerful Celestial Queen of Madurai, doing our ordained duty of keeping thematic golu for the fifth consecutive year. 

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