Navarathri Kolu Competition

Text of Usha Raja,chairperson‘s speech

Ladies and Gentlemen

I have great pleasure in welcoming you all for our fourth NavarathriKolu awards function,

The contest, as usual, has drawn a large number of participants,We are, indeed, overwhelmed by this this response.The kolus have been wonderful, showcasing the creativity,They have brought forth an incredible blend of tradition and modernity. It may sound a bit strange, as  Navaratri is a festival of tradition. But then, it has acquired a variety of hues, which is so delightful.This transformation is clearly evidenced in this year"s entries.Apart from the traditional 5 or 7 step kolus, many a theme have adorned  the festival.You have the "BhakthiThiruvizha" on the one end and the"Wind energy powers the Green village"on the other end.What a blissful and realistic mix in the current milieu. |Another nice theme is the "Family occasions "that chronologically narrates various functions.The youth of today will learn a lot from this.  There was also a theme bringing out the Dasara festival across the States.  The importance of perennial rivers and the recent floods in Uttrakand were some of the interesting themes.I would not dwell more on the kolu themes.Suffice to say that our judges had a really tough time, but a very pleasurable one.


Speech by  Usha Raja Newsreel Media services

We are quite fortunate to have Mrs.IndiraRamanathan in our midst to-day, as the chief guest. As a historian, she is a very apt person  forthe occasion, bringing a  historical perspective to  this festival of dolls.I wish to thank her for consenting to be the chief guest for the event.  A detailed introduction to the Chief Guest would be done later.I am sure that her address will be interesting and inspiring.

I would like to briefly touch upon our activities.Chennai Live News primarily focusses on

News and features on awide variety of subjects. As you are well aware, We bring out Specials on many occasions,We find a wide patronage for them.Ever since our inception, we have been bringing out Music Specials called Margazhi Music Durbhar, which has become a way of life for the music fraternity. We have a dedicated section for Education, sponsored by Rajalakshmi Engineering College.We also have off-line activities, such as taking part in conducting On-line Journalism courses for Vaishnava College and SIET college.We feel our active involvement in this field isour small contribution to ehe society.

I am delighted to welcome the audience, mainly the award winners and participants of the

kolu contest.The large number of participants and the ever increasing quality of the kolus

have certainly encouraged us.I also welcome the sponsors of the awards and their representatives.They have spontaneously come forward to give the awards.


We also welcome our viewers,who have not participated in the contest but have taken the trouble to be present here.We also welcome our friends and well-wishers,whoare anyway. our viewers

I, once again, welcome all to this awards function, a unique occasion that celebrates a traditional function of rich heritage in a modern setting.  This emphathises with ChennaiLiveNews’ focus on social, societal and environmental awareness.

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