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Chardham by Subhashini

The traditional Kolu is arranged in 7 steps. The steps has idols of all Gods like Lakshmi-Narasimhar,Laksmi Hayagrivar, Chakrathalwar, Rama with Sita, Lakshmanan and Hanumar, Andal Krishna, Lakshmi Saraswathi, Shiva, Parvathi, Gowri, Ganesha Murugan, Prthasarathy, Nithyakalyan Perumal, Ulagalandha perumal, Pandurangan Rukmai etc all arranged in the first five steps.  The last two steps are for the saints, Adi shankarcharya, Ramanujacharya, Raghavendra, Manvalamamuni, Desikan  the 12 Alwars etc.

There are a lot of side attractions too.  The Main theme is the tribute to Uttarakand.  The devastation that took place in the earlier months of this year has had great impact.  To bring back the serenity and peace of the place in the minds of the people, an attempt to depict the ‘CHAR DHAM’ has been made.  The Himalayan range in Uttarakand has been created showing all the main rivers and the four temples.

 During Navarthiri it is a practice in many houses and temples to recite the SudaraKandam of Ramayanam.  A Sundarakandam in miniatures has been created to show the major events like- Hanuman crossing the ocean, giving of Rama’s signet ring to Sita, burning of Lanka and return of Hanuman to give the chudamni of Sita to Rama. The dolls for this have been handmade or transformation of other dolls

Another episode portrayed is the Krishna leela  in Gokul and Brindavan.  Krishna’s leela include, Killing of demon Puthana, Kalinga Nardhana, Damodar—Krishna tied to a mortar and his releasing of yakshas (in the form of trees) from their curse, Krishna lifting the Govardan hill, His rasa krida with gopikas and Radha.  These dolls have been set up back drop and settings

For the attraction of the kids, a jungle, a village and a city has also been portrayed—showing how the greenery from forest has change to cultivated greenery in the village and in the concrete jungle of the city the greenery restricted to pockets like gardens and parks. The city also shows and cricket match in progress (the players for which have been made with old broken dolls) and a beach resort.

There are some temples for saints to in India.  These have been represent in the Kolu . The  Buddha in Tibetan Monastery in Bylakuppe near Mysore, Saibaba of Shirdi, and Swaminaryan in Akshardham temple, Delhi have also taken a place in the Kolu.

Last but not the least is the Rangoli of Hanuman by my mother and a rangoli of a flower by my four year old niece is a great attraction.

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More Kolu Competition Photo Gallery
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