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‘Sankaranarayanan’ by Saila Sudha

‘Sankaranarayanan’, a group presentation based on ‘Naalayira Divya Prabhandam’ by Prof Sailaja, director of Saila Sudha, and her disciples at the Tamil Isai Sangam was commendable for its perfect presentation, originality and creativity.

When the group presented ‘Pallandu, Pallandu’ in Raga Nattai, the celestial hymn of Periyazhvar, the complex template of rhythmic patterns, with well-coordinated movements brought out the vivacity and lustre of the exposition.

This was followed by ‘Vaiyam Thagaliya Vaarkadale Neyyaga’, the foremost Thiruvanthadhi of Poigaiazhvar, describing the world as ‘agal’ (oil lamp) and sea as the oil. The energetic manner of dancing, with boldly etched lines and graceful movements, was absorbing.

With spontaneity coupled with excellent bhava and footwork brought out ‘Aadiya Padhathai’, in Raga Pantuvarali, with grace. ‘Thodudaiya Seviyan’ in Raga Revathi, identifying the various aspects of Ardhanareeswara Bhavam, was brought out in various moods. Stress was laid on poignant reactions, which was a visual treat.

One could feel the touch of classicism in kummi and hasthamudras in Aadiya Paadam. Moreover, the rhythmic elaborations were executed with outstanding mano bhava.

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