Captivating tani by mridangist Shiva

In the series of concerts for HanumathJayanthiMusic fest at atNanganallurAnjaneyar temple , violin virtuoso Sri H.N. Bhaskar enraptured the audience with his captivating style .

The full bench percussive ensemble consisting of Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira and Morsing provided an aural treat The curtain raiser was an invocation to Lord Ganesha-Vatapi in Hamsadhwani. The pieces were chosen to highlight the rhythmic elements in Carnatic music.AnupamaGunambudhi – in Atana, Talam – Kanda ChapuSwara improvisations were executed well.

Bhaskar belted out swarams in Tisram, Kandam and Misram throughout the concert. The alapana for Vasantha and kalyani were loaded with bhava.:Vasudevayaniin  – Kalyani by Thyagaraja was piece de resistance . Raga improvisations, swarams in misram, taniavartanam by Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira and  Morsing were exceptional.

Bhaskar”sKadanakudukalam –RaghuvamsaSudha incorporated all the elements of Carnatic music . Special mention should be made of 16 year old Shiva Bharadwaj from Portland, Oregon on the Mridangam. His deft fingering at an incredible speed were a delight to watch and hear. His tani was very interesting with tri kalam and rapid delivery of farans. The percussionists came together to play a fitting koraipu and mora.

Krishna NeeBegane sent the audience in raptures .ThaviThavi -Ragamalika piece by H.N.Bhaskar was commendable

The young lad Shiva gelled well with Trichy Murali on ghatam, Harihara Sharma on Kanjiraand Shankar Vishwanathan on morsingh with panache. It was Shiva;s day out with the youngster from USA showcasing his prowess in playing mridangam.

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