13th “BalaVidhwanBhavani”

Sri SumukhiRajasekharan Memorial Foundation invites all Children, Youth, Elders, Music& Dance Institutions to join the 13th “BALA VIDHWAN BHAVANI” on Wednesday, 31st December, 2014 from 6.00am to 8.00am. Feel the Divine experience of Bhakthi&Margazhi Chillness in this Spiritual Walk. Let us perpetuate the Tradition & Culture of the Musical Legends.

We start from MylaporeKapaleeswarar Temple (near Theradi) go around the Four Mada Streets by singing Bhajans&Namavalis. Start your New Year with an auspicious beginning. Lets all dress up in Traditional South Indian Attire.

Participation Certificate to all Children who attend this Spiritual Walk. Interested people may Call and Register. 

For details contact us at: 9382698811, 9381038385.

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Facebook: srimylaporetrio


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