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Saketharaman is an accomplished musician and a  disciple of maestero LalgudiJayaraman. . He is an 'A 'grade All India Radio artist.

When he was just 6 years old, his parents introduced him to the world of music through his first guru Srirangam Krishnamurthy . To understand rhythm and perform better, he went a step further and learnt the Carnatic Mridangam, a percussion instrument.

Saketharaman had completed an intensive training programme on "Performing techniques in Carnatic music" conducted by his Guru.He has performed concerts all over the world  He is the inheritor of the Lalgudibani

He has composed more than 70 RTP in many ragas and tricky thalas.He has tuned many Meerabhajans , compositions of Shri SadhasivaBrahmendral and sacred texts of AdhiShankaracharyar.

He is decorated with a slew id awards and titles.

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