Madras Week Special 2012

Mylapore - 5

A visit to Mylapore during Navarathri is incomplete without seeing the Mada Veedhi Kolu. The mammoth tank in front of Kapaleeshwarar temple is abuzz with the murmurs and shouts of Navarathri nayakis.

As we enter the Mada Veedhi from Luz, we stumble upon hundreds of dolls in varied colors and shapes, depicting the celestials, man and animal species, scattered along the platform.

During a ritualistic visit to the place just before Navarathri, I found the prices of the dolls have skyrocketed yet the multitude buy the dolls. It is a visual treat to see Kannappar an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, plucking his eyes. He is portrayed as embracing Shiva with a bleeding eye. I stood speechless at the realistic depiction of the scene and at the phenomenal price the seller quoted. However, he refused to relent though he knew he was asking for the earth.

After casting a cursory glance at other dolls, I walked languidly to the next shop. I was particularly fascinated by a Hanuman doll kneeling with Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders. He lifts both his hands to hold the brothers firmly.

Lord Krishna romancing the Gopikas – Rasa Kreeta - captivated me and many others who wanted to buy that piece.

Another doll set which fascinated me was the Computer Ganapathy. Our charismatic Pillaiyar, bespectacled, is net-savvy. He is seen surfing a matrimonial site on the net. He is probably searching for a bride as he is a bachelor!

With a passion for dolls, it was a common sight to see women haggling hard.

Vijaya Stores in Mada Veedhi is packed with an array of exquisite gift articles. It is gifts galore which are pocket-friendly. The plastic thoranam, petit marapachi, trendy, aesthetic handbags and navadhanya icons and many more items are alluring.


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