Make others smile
“If you find someone without smile give them one of yours.” This exactly fits in the life of drug addicts. In the olden days as per the survey the... more
Beggar menace
Begging is one of the most serious issues in India. When you stop your vehicle in the signal you can find a young woman carrying a child in her arm, little children knocking the car .... more
Police and public
Police are said to safe guard human beings and solve crimes and thefts . They face many hurdles in their profession they safeguard the society like a rampart.... more
A Mission with a vision
We all wonder when we heard this… how it is possible.how it was encouraged by all? How much effort this soul has taken to get this success? These were the questions slowly raised from every individual of our team.... more
Reformation in the gypsy world
Gypsy’s were persecuted and are living as wanderers in the society. They were not allowed to live among the people apart from their own gypsy community .In Pallavaram, gypsies were given small piece of land to make their living.... more
Be kind to pets
People who work with animals, such as veterinarians, veterinary technologists/technicians, and other specialists in the animal healthcare professions, often wish that they could speak with animals... more
Women entrepreneurs
Women play a pivotal role in shaping a family and the country also. Starting small business is the best choice that women have ever made. Administrating own business is the sign of women empowerment... more
Hanging gardens in Chromepet
Rajendar who lives in Chromepet shares his thoughts about gardening and gives ideas to maintain roof garden and to make organic fertilizer... more
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