Elders join hands With Portea
Join hands with Portea, the leading provider of in-home healthcare services in India, to help 70 senior citizens at Sevalaya to obtain medical care -... more
Water is a priced possession
Water scarcity has become one of the major problems in some parts of Chennai though not in all places. We all know that water is very precious resource of Mother Earth and without water life is impossible on earth.... more
Rising lifestyle
Homes serves as an important role in communicating our values and goals, or what we call in science 'identity claims'. In each and every corner of Chennai we have apartments... more
God Mother
The debate of today’s world is that women are working equally with men in order to compensate the family’s growth... more
Drive with care
Most of the road or railway accidents take place mainly due to neglecting the traffic rules.Even switching the indicators at the necessity plays an important role for a safe ride. People, especially young boys prefer fancy bikes which allures them to drive fast... more
Beauty Salon Storm
Beauty salon storm struck us only in this era… It was not there in last decades, this is because this century women have become more beauty conscious, how they carry themselves, and their appearance is important even at their work place... more
Entertaining Trade Fair
Asuma and her friends find out from Nandhini , Surya, Pavithra , Sugi students of A.D.W.government Higher Secondary School about the scientific information in Trade Fair... more
Woman Extraordinaire
Saroja Perumal is the panchayat head of Urappakkam .She dons many hats such as politician, social activist,feminist. She dwells on her political and social journey with Asuma, Nandhini, Abirami, Sasi and Shruthi... more
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