Lehenga Sarees for the youth at The Chennai Silks
The Chennai Silks, one of the largest textile retailers in South India, has introduced the now trendy “Lehenga style sarees... more
Haunting Summer
Come summer people have no choice but to pull along sweating and hushing and cursing the Sun for casting its rays.... more
Marvellous Mehndi
Mehndi means an art of applying henna temporarily in hand and feet of women. Mehndi also called as mardani is applied during marriage, holy festive, dance programs... more
Beggars tale of sorrow
The modern world is witnessing development is all the fields, but the number of beggars is also increasing day by day. In this fast world, no one is concerned about the people who are begging for alms Everyone will see one or two beggars in a day... more
Social message in Ads
Beyond publicity and marketing the advertisements of this era are attracting people by depicting social messages within a minute which a 3 hrs movie at times fail to do. So let us start the hunt for such ads that has really touched people of all classes.... more
Elders join hands With Portea
Join hands with Portea, the leading provider of in-home healthcare services in India, to help 70 senior citizens at Sevalaya to obtain medical care -... more
Water is a priced possession
Water scarcity has become one of the major problems in some parts of Chennai though not in all places. We all know that water is very precious resource of Mother Earth and without water life is impossible on earth.... more
Rising lifestyle
Homes serves as an important role in communicating our values and goals, or what we call in science 'identity claims'. In each and every corner of Chennai we have apartments... more
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