The Chennai Silks awareness about Election date
The Chennai Silks, one of the biggest retailers in South India has started creating awareness about the Election date in Tamil Nadu – May 16th, 2016, in a unique way... more
Mothers day gift
She has been silently cherishing the memories since day one from your birth. Pictures and videos of various occasions are always preserved with her. From the time you took your first step, won the first recitation competition, first fancy dress party or the prom that you attend, a mother keeps all the memories safe with her.... more
Stress busters
At times we would feel that we cannot get away from the stress. But there are many definite ways to get rid of stress. Stress management is... more
MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL on Animal Planet on May 8
Humans aren’t the only ones who take extraordinary steps to protect, nurture and raise their young. The animal kingdom is replete with stories of mothers that sacrifice equally, impart all their life’s learning and... more
Lingering memories
I remember the days where we bumped in joy. I remember the times when we tried to own a pet for ourselves which turned out to be a big disaster. It’s been five years since my brother left. I call him Jibbu, sometimes Jibreel which is his full name... more
Chennai’s helping hand
The greatness of humanity is not being human , but in being humane. People in Chennai are energetic, enthusiastic, running around the clock, live a most secluded life that they are unaware of their neighbourhood, leading a very busy and chaotic... more
Milk of human kindness
Usually NON GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS are setup by individuals or business houses to help the poor, to promote education and to provide hospital facilities and health . There are approximately 2 million NGOs in India. They are supporting the development of local areas regional, national, international development.... more
TERI’s report on Water
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), today announced signing of an MoU with WAPCOS (APSU under the aegis of Union Ministry of Water Resource, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India).... more
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