Entrepreneur Organizations (EO) new focus is on Women Entrepreneurs

Navneet Agarwal, President of Entrepreneurs Organization, Chennai Chapter had invited their global member leaders to conduct learning session with their chapter. They are Mr. Brian Brault, CEO, PURE Solutions & EO Global Chairman Mr. Eric J Gangloff, MD, Summit Alternative Investment & Past  EO Global Leader, and Mr. Dana J Bradley, Principal, Performance Holding & EO Global Director. Each of them spoke about the important role of entrepreneurs, and how EO has brought a change in the mindset of Young Indian Entrepreneurs who are producing positive results.

As the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) helps to transform the lives of those who transform the world. In this sense, each of the global leaders stressed on the different aspects/traits that go into building a world class organization. Integrity together with trust and respect are the corner stones of the movement said, Mr. Brian Brault, EO Global Chairman He gave many examples to prove his point.

Mr. Eric J Gangloff, Past EO Global Leader said that one should always be prepared to learn. Age and position do not matter. He gave the example of Apple which has changed the way the world communicates. They started music with ipod and with ipad and iphone the whole world was infected with the new way to communicate - quicker, faster and clearer.

Mr. Dana J Bradley, EO Global Director stressed that nothing comes easy and focus driven by quality were paramount. He cited the example of Microsoft which today is among the top organizations in the world. Courage and single minded purpose were essential for budding organizations to make a mark.

All three of them said that EO would welcome more women entrepreneurs to join them and create value in their respective fields.

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