Sassoon Dock gets new life

Sasson Dock becomes the new destination for Mumbaikars as one of the oldest docks transforms itself, thanks to the efforts of St+Art Festival. St+Art festival revitalises the city with the help of 30 odd international and Indian artists. This festival has showcased some excellent installations and projects that would leave you with thought provoking questions in your mind.


The dock, famous for its strong fishy smell gets everyone’s noses itchy and Hanif Qureshi has used that idea of smell for his installation at the entry of the festival. A series of fisherman nets are hung around with ideas of different smells- from the smell of your mother’s cooking to that of the municipality garbage bin.


Beautification cames with a sense of concern for the locals of Sassoon Dock and the project by the world famous artist JR celebrates the history of the Koli community with the walls of dock full of portraits of the Koli locals of Sassoon Dock.


Celebrating the Koli culture, Olivier Hoelzl’s installation is about the Koli women worshipping the sea. However, it’s not just a photo, it is an array of intricate stencil cuts put together to form a lively picture that is supported by blue and pink UV lights. The detailing in the stencils absolutely leaves you in awe of the artist’s skills.


Another installation that appreciates the Sassoon family is the set of Wall Murals by Guido Van Helten. He has made life-like wall paintings of three local women in their daily life. Their expressions portray warmth and graciousness and the artist’s love for details beautifully captures those emotions.


As you move across the dock, you come across the The Ugly Truth, a project by Sajid Wajid who has used the trash from Turbhe and turned it into art. The installation is there to remind of how the garbage is not gone if you don’t see it. It’s all there in our surroundings and it’ll all stay there.


Giving the audience a reality check is the Plastic Ocean by Tan Zi Xi. Her installation uses 400 kgs of plastic to turn a small room into a plastic ocean. She very correctly represents the polluted oceans of uncontrollable and unmonitored plastic deposition into the water bodies.


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