Beat the winter chills with these innovative ‘Water Heaters’

Winter has knocked the doors. While one can think of savouring delicious food and keep up to the latest winter fashion, first thing that comes to our mind is a good water heater to beat the cold mornings. In recent years, most appliances from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators to ACs, all have evolved with time. Except for water heaters, which are still clunky with yesteryear’s technology. According to media reports, less than 10 per cent of the people in the country have hygienic, safe water heating solutions, and many still use immersion heating rods or burn gas to heat water, all of which aren’t safe or efficient. This is something several water heater brands are changing slowly. Brands are stressing on bringing innovative technology while expanding the category.

Let’s look at some of the cutting-edge technology and the brands who are behind this:

AO SMITH HPW-60 Water Heater  

It Generates heat from air and saves up to 60% on electricity, This water heater has unique AES feature which adopts the heating cycles to the water utilization habit of the user. This enables water heater to switch on automatically at required time, saving energy by minimizing thermal losses. This water heater timer enables the unit to switch on automatically at pre-set times of the day, in energy saving mode. This water heater has a built-in digital display for readings and key parameters for ease of operations.


Racold Andris Water Heater

Racold water heaters are equipped with path breaking technologies in water heating. The intelligent Smart Bath Logic indicator allows you to choose the hot water requirement to suit to your bathing requirements and thereby choose the amount of power the water heater consumes. The Smart Mix system, with its new deflectors of water coming in, allows the user to draw up to 10% more hot water than a traditional water heater of the same capacity. It helps adjust the water temperature and timing to your requirement. Over 99% harmful bacteria normally present in water are effectively killed by the Anti-bacteria function.




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