Pond’s Cold Cream

Revisiting skincare in 1907 with the heritage Pond’s Cold Cream


In a fast-changing landscape of skincare and cosmetic products, here is one iconic brand that has stayed true to the promise of giving all women soft, glowing skin – the Pond’s Cold Cream. Today it is a household name adorning the dressing tables of Indian women of all ages; its white and blue jar being a symbol of pure care.

A classic cold cream we have all grown up with, the Pond’s Cold Cream has a rich history of legacy since the time it was first invented. Here’s a walk through its history and some interesting trivia about the moisturizer that has been a favorite of many a famous woman.





An American pharmacist, Theron T. Pond invented a healing tea extracted from witch hazel, which could strengthen skin from within, helping it repair itself from small cuts and numerous other ailments. Soon after, the product became widely popular as the Pond's Extract.








The Pond’s extract set the ground for further innovation and in 1907, The Pond’s Cold Cream was formulated. It was the first world’s first moisturizer not to require refrigeration. Crowned with accolades from the world’s royalties, the Pond’s Cold Cream became a historic breakthrough in skincare for women around the world.






Winning loyalty from across the world

The iconic Pond’s Cold Cream has not only received loved from generation of women in India, but has been a skincare essential for leading global icons such as Hollywood actors Zoe Saldana, Tine Fey and American song writer Aretha Franklin. Singer and song writer Kylie Minogue swears by this product and claimed it to be “the best thing that ever happened to her skin”.


The globally iconic product with moisturizing and nourishing properties continues to be like a blanket for the skin in winters and is enriched with the following benefits:

  1. Moisturize: Pond's Quenching-MoisturisersTM with Sodium PCA and Glycerin gently moisturise rough and stretchy skin and maintain the skin hydration balance
  2. Nourish: SkinNourishersTM with Soya protien, Sunflower oil and Skin Lipids act on dullness and give soft, supple skin
  3. Protect: SkinInsta-shieldTM with Mineral Oil, Emollientsand Silicone Conditioners protects skin from harsh winters, keeping it youthful and fresh


The Pond’s Moisturising Cold Cream is available at Rs. 47 for 30g, Rs. 89 for 60g, Rs. 145 for 100g and Rs. 210 for 200g. And is available across all leading stores in India.


About Pond’s


As one of the world’s most trusted skincare brands, Pond’s offers affordable and innovative solutions in a range of categories including cleansing, hydration, anti-aging and whitening. The Pond’s promise is to create products that nurture skin from the inside to transform it into beautiful and radiant skin on the outside.

From its establishment in 1846, every single Pond’s product has been created by scientists. Today, the Pond’s Institute is a center of skincare expertise, technology and innovation, bringing together a global network of scientists working to develop new formulations that bring quality, scientifically formulated beauty solutions to generations of modern, beautiful women around the world.




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