Beauty Tips
Look pretty. Be enchanting
Look pretty. Be enchanting... more
Beauty tips for a supple skin
Lemon is the best natural remedy for skin lightening. It helps to reduce the blemishes and dark spots. Rub fresh lemon juice over the darkened skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash off with cool water.... more
Mageshwari’s herbal beauty parlor
Mageshwari is a young entrepreneur who manages a beauty parlor successfully. She has specialized in hair & skin care, Tattoo, Nail art,.... more
Home remedies for hair fall
From tender coconut water to neem and basil leaves, Yamini reels out a lot of home remedies to correct hair fall and preserve that crowning glory which adds beauty to a person... more
Home remedies to fight lice
Here are some home remedies that would be tough on hair lice and gentle on the hair from Yamini for mothers who scratch their head to know how to tackle the persistent bugs... more
Treating hair split ends
Yamini gives tips on how to treat split ends that is a major problem for many people – and once again she dips into ingredients found ordinarily in the house to do that... more
Home remedies for dandruff
Yamini says that with more and more people reporting dandruff problem – owing to various reasons – it becomes an issue that needs immediate attention with home remedies... more
Restoring facial moisture
It becomes imperative to restore the moisture content in the skin, especially the face and neck, to make them look supple, young and glowing, says Yamini... more
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