Yoga is God sent
Yoga means joining the entire universe, everything is connected in this world to understand this theory we should know what is yoga?. yoga means joining the mind , body and soul. When the mind, body and soul are connected... more
Keep the atmosphere pristine
The good old chemistry behind the composition of air taught during our childhood days by our science teacher never seems to hold good for the present situation. We are in the growing process in our economy... more
New India Assurnace’s latest launch
New India Assurance Co. Ltd. has launched “New India Premier Mediclaim Policy” to address the need of the market for a sum insured of Rs. 15 Lakhs to 1 crore.... more
Women’s’ problems
The earth which was pleasant place where the people lived once upon a time, has become a problematic place... more
Indian Spinal Injuries Hospital
In what is a new approach to joint fractures in India, doctors at Indian Spinal Injuries Hospital, New Delhi, have used an arthroscope even while fixing... more
Center Fresh, Perfetti Van Melle’s new venture
Center Fresh, Perfetti Van Melle India’s flagship chewing gum brand, started the journey to establish ‘fresh breath’ platform in 2015,... more
World Cancer Day
With an alarming rise in incidence of several forms of cancers, the disease is emerging as one of the most dreaded health threats of our time. However, do... more
Chennai Epilepsy Support Group
Fortis Comprehensive Epilepsy Centre (FCEC) at Fortis Malar Hospital launches Chennai Epilepsy Support Group on the occasion of International Epilepsy Day... more
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