Clean India
Clean India is the system was introduced by PM MODI. The main aim of this scheme or project is to make India clean and wealthy country. Prime Minister Modi... more
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
IMPULSE India, a forum of MSM TG and Hijra (MTH) community supported by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)/India cares, that raise awareness on sexual health, especially HIV/ AIDS among the MTH community members while increasing their access to HIV testing and condom usage in India,... more
Make others smile
“If you find someone without smile give them one of yours.” This exactly fits in the life of drug addicts. In the olden days as per the survey the... more
Stay Healthy
In order to reduce heart burns take plenty of Bananas. To stop cough, take a cup of hot water mixed with salt.... more
Food is medicine
In recent years, people turned towards Siddha treatment. It is a very ancient practice founded in India, especially in Tamil Nadu. In last five years it emerged enormously in people’s observance... more
Go Organic
Food is the integral part of every human being. And it is important to consume nutritious food. Vegetables and fruits are the primary source of nutrition and minerals. But in the recent times loads of fertilizers are added to it killing the nutrition... more
Make use of waste
S. Indira Kumar who is living in Pammal makes use of his roof for planting and gardening to lead a healthy life. According to him “Food is medicine, Medicine is food”.... more
Show off your Nallamudi this Pongal!
That’s not all! Popular TV actresses Srithika and Vani Bhojan along with Parachute Advansed Hair Oil will help you wow one and all by being ‘Nallamudi’ this Pongal... more
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