Stay cool in summer

Summer is fast approaching  and making use of the natural ingredients for your skin is the best tip to tackle the heat.. Using kitchen or natural remedies is the best as the side effects are not that great when compared to over the counter products. Lets we share some summer skin care tips,

  • Green gram:

                     Green gram is good natural is good ingredient that can use on your face in the summers. Take some green gram paste, almond powder and sugar. Mix it and apply it. It helps to prevent blackheads as well as you will get glowing skin. Paste the green gram and apply throughout your body, it will make soft and smoothy skin. Green gram actually cools our body during summer. People who has too much heat in body can use twice or thrice a day.

  • Water:

                     Water helps in keeping the lining of digestive tract wet and moist, which makes the system easier to process, that digest. Drinking plenty of water will avoid stomach ulcers. Always carry a bottle of water along. Avoid drinking packed water. Pot water and chembu water will make body cool and healthy.

  • Citric fruits:

                    Health benefits of citric fruit. We already know that citrus is an excellent source of immune- boosting vitamin C. Citric fruits are low in calories. They contain nutrients that boost heart health. Vitamin C also helps to reduce skin swelling, which may reduce the appearance of pimples. Orange peel glow our skin by making the peel dry, powder it and apply, can make a skin brighter. Drinking lemon, orange and grape juices will hydrate our body and makes us to escape from heat.

  • Curd:

                   Applying curd on face will fresh up our dead cells and makes skin look better. Curd is always a good remedy to reduce heat of scorching sunrays during summer. During summer you get a cooler feel after consuming it. Curd helps to attain crystal clear skin internally as well as externally. To experience the benefits associated with curd, you can choose to consume it by adding some fruits in it or apply it directly on face.

  • Aloe vera :

                   Aloe vera gel acts as a protective non-greasy layer on your sunburnt skin. It moistures your skin and diminishes stretch marks. Aloe vera is a best gel for your skin in summer.

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