Gleneagles Global Health City commemorates World No-Tobacco Day

On the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day’31st May 2018, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise releases its month long creative campaign ‘S.O.O.N - Quit Tobacco’, in continuation with its last year’s initiative on this day.


S.O.O.N symbolizes Save Our Organs Now and this year’s theme of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ being ‘Tobacco and heart disease’, the campaign by Gleneagles Global Hospitals focuses on the impact that tobacco has on the cardiovascular health of people all over the world. Through the nationwide campaign of S.O.O.N, the hospital aims to increase awareness on feasible actions and measures that people can take to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco.

Global Health City, Chennai is offering a month long health screening programme to nudge you towards quitting smoking and tobacco, wherein the health of heart and lungs will be assessed step towards along with consultation from a Pulmonologist. This screening will be a step towards bringing back healthy life to the smokers and tobacco users. For further details Pleases call - 1800 123 1111.

Nearly 20 lakh patients die of heart diseases annually in India, out of which possibly 50% are related to tobacco, apart from 4-5 lakh deaths which are due to tobacco intake related cancers” said Dr Ravikumar, Senior Cardiologist and Associate Director – Heart Failure Programme, Gleneagles Global Health City. He further added “With such huge mortality figures staring at us, and related to a single substance addiction, it’s only natural that this is the responsibility of the medical community to raise our voices against tobacco intake”.


Nearly 120 million Indian adults smoke, placing India second in number of smokers. According to the data from World Health Organization (WHO), the deaths related to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is more than any other cause of death worldwide. Smoking caused about 1 million deaths in 2010 and about 70% of these deaths occurred at the ages of 30–69 years. Tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure contributes to approximately 12% of all heart disease deaths. Additionally, consumption of tobacco is the second leading cause of cardio vascular disease, after high blood pressure. Each year, globally, 7 million people are the victims of the tobacco epidemic and close to 9 lakhs are non-smokers who die from breathing second-hand smoke.


Tobacco use is one of the leading public health challenges the world faces today, with India being one of the largest consumers of tobacco in the World says Dr VijilRahulan, Head of Department – Pulmonary Medicine, Gleneagles Global Health City. The problem is further alarming due to the fact that adolescents and children are particularly vulnerable to tobacco use or rather abuse. According to recent reports, Tobacco smoke holds almost 4,000 harmful chemicals. Every time one smokes, these go into the lungs, bloodstream and body tissues, increasing the risk of developing lung diseases, coronary heart disease, stroke or cancer added Dr VijilRahulan


According to Dr Rajasundaram, Director-Institute of Oncology, Surgical Oncologist, Gleneagles Global Health City, “Children face a greater risk than adults of the negative effects of second-hand or passive smoking. When the air is tainted with cigarette smoke, young, developing lungs receive a higher concentration of inhaled toxins than do older lungs because a child's breathing rate is faster than that of adults. When non-smokers too get affected by this evil in equal measure, we should know it is time for us to raise our hands and voice against tobacco”

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