Desi drinks for Summer

    . Now India is witnessing a scorching summer. So people prefer to have a drink that quenches their thirst and to reduce their body heat. Indian drinks are unique from other countries, because it is mostly made up of natural  . ingredients. Instead of drinking soft drinks, people can choose Indian drinks which has natural benefit in it.  Some of the drinks which are consumed  by the people to make them cool during the summer seasons are as follows:

  • Tender coconut
  • Sugarcane juice 
  • Sarbath
  • Jigarthanda
  • Buttermilk
  • Lassi
  • Paanagam

Tender coconuts

Tender coconuts are found in both rural and urban areas during summer season. It protects the body from sun damage. The tender coconut reduces hair fall and body heat. It is natural drink which comes from the Coconut trees. Drinking of Tender coconut is good for the people who are suffering from chickenpox, cancer, heart problems, etc.


Buttermilk is used in every homes and it can be prepared easily. Buttermilk is a popular drink in summer season. People also take this after meal because it helps to digest. The buttermilk helps one to get rid of summer stroke. The buttermilk balances the heat level in the human body.


Paanagam is a popular Indian drink which is made up of jaggery, pepper, cardamom and water. It is a balanced drink because it contains sweetness and bitterness in an equal level. This drink makes one to feel cool and fresh after consuming it.               

Sugar cane juice

Sugarcane juice is a popular drink in both rural and urban areas. It is made with extract of sugar cane. It makes one to get recover from thirst problem in summer. The sugarcane juice and the ice which is added to it makes one to feel relaxed during the hot summer problem.


Sarbath is an organic juice which is made up of any one of the fruit extract, sugar, ice cubes and lemon juice. It is the drink which is liked by all people. This drink is made in different colours. The colour of this Sarbath is changed according to the flavour in it.


The above indian drinks are very healthy and pocket friendly. They are very much better than the soft drinks. These drinks are made from natural products, due to this these drinks are very much helpful in enhancing one’s health.



  1. R. Maheswari
  2. S. Poornima
  3. P. Gladis Kiruba Belsi
  4. S. Suchitra
  5. G. Shali menancy
  6. M.P. Kaviya
  7. T.S. Gangothri




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