Health benefits of sugarcane

Boosts energy:

        *The natural supply of sugars in sugarcane juice can provide a solid stock of energy that can start your day off strong.

        *Regulate the release of glucose in your body for a healthy 'sugar high'.

        *It can rehydrate the body and stave off fatigue.


Skin care:

        *The components of sugarcane juice is alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid.

        *It can clear up skin inflammation and inflections and also reducing signs of aging, such as wrinkles, blemishes, scars.


Improves Digestion:

         *The fiber helps to stimulate peristaltic motion.

         *Heal inflammation in the gut.

         *Relieve symptoms of constipation.


Reduce cholesterol levels:

         *sugarcane juice can help to lower overall cholestrol levels.

         *Both LDL cholestrol and triglycerides, which can further protect your heart.

         *prevent cardiovascular disease as you age.


Normal Blood pressure:

         *with its supply of potassium, sugarcane juice is able to reduce the strain.

         *Tension in blood vessels and arteries.

         *Effectively lowering blood pressure and reducing your risk of utherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.


Reduces weight:

           Sugarcane juice is rich in dietary fiber that helps to bind with fat and prevent it from being stored in the body.

           *Prevents from snacking and overeating.

           *The alkaline nature of this juice helps to create ideal environment for fat-burning,  rather than an overly acidic system.

           *High natural sugar content provides a huge source of energy which increases activity and stimulates more calorie-burning.


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