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                              Nowadays, children as well as youngsters are very selective about the food they eat. Though they have been brainwashed about healthy food they are not conscious about it. The age-old curries, spinach items, idlis and dosa are out of their preferences. The varieties of meat, junk foods, cheese alike are attracting their taste buds and they prefer a lot in their day-to-day life. In our society, the market is constantly flooded with new food products which is obviously attracts children and youngsters. This recipe is one of our old traditional food and it is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamin.


  • ROASTED GRAM: Reduces digestive problems, controls blood sugar, good for constipation, energy provider, helps to loss weight, good for heart, prevent anaemia.
  • JAGGERY: Releases energy slowly, rich in high fibre and minerals content, improves digestion, rich in calcium, relieves constipation, cleansing agent.
  • GHEE: It strengthens bones, free of lactose and casein, packed with fat solvable vitamin, nutritionally rich.



                    Roasted gram (odacha kadalai), Jaggery (karupatti vellam), Ghee, saffron essence, grated almond and cashew, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup.



  • Mix the powdered sugar and ghee well. [ HINT: measurements are according to serve]
  • Make sure it attains the consistency of batter.
  • Add the powdered roasted gram and powdered jaggery.
  • Mix it well and add grated almond and cashew.
  •  After a few minutes, make sure the dough is mixed well.
  • Add saffron essence. [add few pinches of saffron in a hot water and let it soak. Use it as an essence]
  • The addition of saffron essence gives a colour, nice aroma and makes it tastier.


                         Traditionally, this dish served in the shape of sphere. Now innovatively, it presented in the shape of rose. For this, you have to make small ball from the dough and make those balls into the shape of circular carrot slices. Video link of making it as a rose is  Serve it in a small paper cups and garnish it with almond, cashew, saffron and Choco syrup

                           This will tempt others to taste this healthy food. It is also a simple dish you can prepare it at any time. EAT HEALTHY LIVE HAPPY…...


                                                                                                                     Aswini, Hemalatha

                                                                                                                    Harini, Jenifer



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