Mother Trucker Burger Challenge @ Sitcom

Mother Trucker Burger Challenge @ Sitcom

Hey Chennai! Are you up for a challenge? Because we're giving you a chance to compete against a group of enthusiastic eaters. And all you have to do is devour the sinister combo of a Mother Trucker burger and a portion of fries within a limited time frame. You ready for this?. The challenge is on till November 30 starting at 11 am every day.

Challenge Type       :         Capacity Challenge

Location                  :           Sitcom
Prizes                                :           Refund if you beat the time, Mother Trucker title on the Wall of Fame
Time Limit               :           12 minutes

The Price                  :           Mother Trucker Veg-500+taxes, Chicken-695+taxes, Beef-795+taxes

Rules                     :

  • The total weight of the burger and fries together will be 1.5kg.
  • 6 Eaters will contend together to compete in the Mother Trucker Burger Challenge.
  • Eaters will have 12 minutes to eat the Mother Trucker burger with the fries as fast as possible. 
  • The person who eats the whole of the burger + fries in that 12 minute period will be deemed the winner and will be awarded the Mother Trucker title.
  • In the event of a tie, The contenders will have to compete on another patty to confirm their victory.
  • The nominated burger cannot be modified or touched prior to the nomination.
  • Any contestant that vomits within the 12 minute competition period will be disqualified.
    The Mother Trucker champion’s time will be taken as a high score for the next contending contestants.

Book your slot now and head to Sitcom at ECR.

Call 089399 21111 for more information.


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