Mouth watering Hot Chocolate

Everyone will have their favourites and maximum of them, will definitely have chocolate in their list. The  name chocolate has a power to stop the child from crying. Hot chocolate is an European  e famous dessert. This European style hot chocolate is thick, indulgent and full of real chocolate. It looks creamy and decorent . Hot chocolate is also known as hot cocoa, drinking chocolate or just cocoa. It is a heated beverage, which is consisting of shaved , melted chocolate or powder and usually a sweetener and a thicker consistency. The first chocolate beverage was created by ‘‘MAYANS’’. It was around two thousand five hundred to three thousand years ago. The hot chocolate became popular in Europe . This recipe is mostly used during Christmas time. Here we shared some simple steps to taste a tasty hot chocolate,


                85 g - Dark  chocolate

                85 g – Milk chocolate

                2 table spoon of granulated sugar

                1 spoon of cornflour

                480 ml ( 2 cups ) of milk

                ½ table spoon vanilla extract


Step 1 : Break both the dark chocolate and milk chocolate into cube pieces and chop the chocolate as fine as you can manage with a sharp knife or else can use a potato peeler to the shave the chocolate and also by using a grater we can grate the chocolate.

Step 2 : Sprinkle the granulated sugar and cornflower over the ground chocolate and then toss to coat.

Step 3 : Pour the milk into the container, add the chocolate mixture and heat gently with a low flame , mix gently to stop a skin from forming.

Step 4 : Then mix the vanilla and serve .




                                                                              UMA MAHESWARI.D

                                                                              SYED SAFIYA SULTHANA




                                                                              SHINY MANUEL.S

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