Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly

Perfetti Van Melle India have extended their Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly brand with the launch of “Jelly Bottles” in cola and mango flavours. Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly has played a pioneering role in building the jellies category in India, and is the dominant brand with nearly 50% market share.

Innovation has been key to brand success and strikingly successful new products have been launched over time. Just a year ago, Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly introduced “Fruity Bears”. The launch was extremely well received and created a new space for the segment with multiple piece packs at higher price points, while staying universally affordable.

A key aspect of Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly products is the promise of 25% fruit pulp content, and this reassurance of wholesome pleasure has been extended to the new Jelly Bottles as well. This value is captured in the new communication as “25% Fruit Pulp, Banaade 100% Deewana”!

 The fun quotient of the new Jelly Bottles is high – attractive double coloured jellies, offering a delicious fruity treat in snacking bags.

The new offering has been launched in two sizes - at Rs.10 and Rs.25.           

The key advertising task was to clearly communicate the new Bottles made with 25% fruit pulp and the campaign delivers well on it.  The commercial starts with a kid asking his mother for a Bottle to light a rocket. To his surprise, mother offers him a Juzt Jelly Bottle, confidently asserting that it can also make a rocket fly. The kid is left perplexed and what follows is a tale of extremely engaging visuals of “human rockets”. The campaign integrates the product seamlessly into the story and leaves the viewer with the message of fruity & tasty profile of Juzt Jelly Bottles.

Juzt Jelly has always been strongly anchored on Irresistibility and, with the new campaign, it has taken it up a notch further.

The launch would be supported with advertising on television, digital activity and on ground visibility tools.

Commenting on the launch, Mandar Keskar, Associate Category Director, Perfetti Van Melle India said “PVMI is the first to bring jellies in exciting bear and bottle shapes to the Indian market. These products add a new dimension to jellies category and have helped expand market aggressively. We are sure that new Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Bottles will be loved by the consumers as much as the Fruity Bears”

On communication development, Kapil Batra, ECD, McCann India said “Challenge was to make the Bottle shape the hero, while keeping the irresistible proposition of Juzt Jelly intact. With this copy, I think we have done that quite well. It’s fun, its clutter breaking and I’m sure kids are going to love this as much as the Juzt Jelly Bottles!”

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