Chocolat oh la la

‘So much chocolate and so little time’ suits the land known for its chocolates. A land where one can indulge in sinful gooey chocolates and satiate ones craving for a sugar rush… Yes, you guessed it right!  This 7th July on the occasion of World Chocolate Day, we take you on an epicurean trip to Flanders – the north of Belgium where chocolate is art as well as a way of life!

Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions, a lure for lovers, the indulgence of the rich and later and the favorite of the masses. It’s not just about buying chocolate. It’s about a whole series of different, diverse experiences.

Fun facts:

  • Did you know Belgium has more than 320 chocolateries and produces over 725,000 tons of chocolate each year!
  • Consumption of chocolate per person in Belgium: 6 kg  
  • Total turnover of the Belgian chocolate industry: 4,179 billion euros (confectionery included) 
  • Total production: 661,673 tonnes 
  • Total exports: 578,043 tonnes 

What makes Belgian Chocolate so unique? Read on to find out

10 properties that make Belgian Chocolate so unique:

  1. The fine structure. Belgian chocolate is ground so fine that it has a structure of just 15 to 18 microns

  2. High cocoa content. Belgian chocolate has a higher cocoa content than most foreign products

  3. Pure cocoa butter. Belgian chocolate contains 100% cocoa butter

  4. The selection of the beans. Traditionally, Belgian chocolate makers have always used high-quality cocoa beans
  5. The Belgian chocolate sector is very diverse. Besides major players such as Callebaut and Belcolade, one can also find medium-sized companies such as Godiva and Leonidas as well as lots of small chocolatiers and praline makers who spread the fame of Belgian chocolate

  6. Belgian chocolatiers are particularly creative. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a great variety of new and above all delicious flavours and combinations. From classic pralines to bold and sophisticated interpretations with exotic flavours. The Belgian chocolatiers are also true trendsetters in chocolate design 

  7. Chocolate is an all-round experience. In Belgium it is not just about buying chocolate. It’s about a whole series of different, diverse experiences; from visiting chocolate museums, actual chocolate routes and walks to tastings with chocolatiers who are passionate about their craft and workshops where visitors can design their own chocolate

  8. In 2007, the ‘Belgian Chocolate Code’ was developed. This code ensures the Belgian chocolate actually comes from Belgium

  9. The Belgian chocolate sector exports its high-quality chocolate all over the world. Two thirds of both industrial chocolate and finished products are sent abroad 

  10. The largest chocolate factory in the world is in Wieze, Belgium. Barry Callebaut produces around 270,000 tonnes from bean to chocolate every year, making him virtually the largest supplier of chocolate in the world. In Wieze you will also find the first of the 17 Chocolate Academies that have spread all over the world. It was recently fully rebuilt and is now the largest Chocolate Academy centre in the world.


Did you know?  Women are apparently particularly sensitive to the intoxicating effect of chocolate. Chocolate doesn't just taste really nice; it also contains magnesium and stimulating substances which significantly improve your mood!


So don’t wait up and grab yourself some high quality divine Belgium chocolate right away!



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