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Summer fruits

The blankets are shelved marking the end of winter. Summer is slowly making its way. To prevent ourselves from summer heat it becomes essential for us to adapt certain changes to our food habits and lifestyle. Consuming more water helps us maintain the water content in our body. Besides this there are certain fruits that helps us keep our body hydrated.

Watermelon tops this list. If you are a lover of watermelon then it’s the perfect season to grab a bulky watermelon from near by market.  They are rich in water content , about 92% of this fruit is made up of water. It beams with health benefits. Melons are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They helps in maintaining blood pressure and they are also good for heart health. If you are planning to lose weight then watermelons are the right choice.  The calorie content is less in melons and at the same time they are full of vitamins and minerals.  Study also proves that watermelons help in balancing the harmone level thus lessening the mood swings caused as the result of hormone imbalance. They also have said to carry anti cancer effects. A cup of Melon juice every morning keeps the body cool reducing heat and maintaining right body temperature.

Oranges are no lesser to melons in its health benefits. They are juicy and sweet as usual. This round citrus fruit is full of Vitamin C, B, B6, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fibre etc. Oranges are very good for skin health. It helps us stay away from skin damages which are very common in summer. Oranges cleanses the skin and balances oil content.  It contains nutrients that would help cure muscular pains and cramps. Oranges are of different types and varities. It is suggested that oranges should not be consumed more than the permitted limit.

Grapes are also suitable for summer consumption. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, photo nutrients, Pheonols, Calcium characterizes this fruit. Grapes help in treatment of constipation, Indigestion etc. They are good for heart health. It helps maintain cholesterol levels and also prevent cavities. Grapes are a perfect combination of taste and health.

Sapodilla fruit is also another seasonal fruit of summer. They are rich in calories and contains calcium, minerals, potassium, copper and iron. Sapodilla fruits inherits a good amount of dietary fibres. They are extremely good for kidneys. They are good for gastritis and bowel disorders too. Their consumption helps in maintaining healthy blood circulation.

These fruits protects shield our body from all the seasonal consequences. They provides with energy and strength that one need to batter the summer heat.   

J.P.Nivedidha, A.Vidhyabharathi, I.Sharmila, S.Revathi,K.Kanamni,R.Kamalishree,S.Roshan Fathima

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